About Us

If you’re looking for delicious hog roast catering in Lancashire, you’ve come to the right place. Hog Roast Burnley is the proud provider of succulent and aromatic dining throughout our historic county, famously symbolised by the Red Rose of Lancaster. With more than 67 million visitors to Lancashire every year, we believe that providing a truly sensational mealtime service – for events and celebrations of all sizes – gives our visitors every reason to keep coming back.

Catering For All – Hog Roast Burnley

About Us

Arranging the catering for a small or large event can be very stressful, not knowing whether all your guests dietary needs will be fulfilled, not knowing how much to make or whether what you do make will even be enjoyed. Our job at Hog Roasts Burnley is to take all that stress away and allow you to sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the party! We cater for vegan, vegetarian and even gluten free guests, with a great menu for them to choose from so they don’t miss out.

Our team will also make sure that no one misses out as we’ll bring enough for everyone (even if they want seconds) and if there’s any left-over, we’ll leave it with you to feast on for the rest of the day or even the next day! You can also be certain that they’ll enjoy the food, with our range of meats, sides and sauces, there’s something for everyone!

Hog Roast Burnley – We Know Food

Hog Roast Burnley knows food! We have been creating and appreciating fantastic food and flavours for decades, and we’ve become known for our developed and unique tastes. Perhaps our most well-known feature is our signature crispy crackling, jam packed full of delicious flavour and extra crunchy!

When it comes to unique local foods, we can boast that everything we use is fresh and locally sourced. We work very closely with our trusted suppliers that we can now class as friends. Using the best ingredients is important to us as it’s the initial part for being able to create the wonderful hog roasts that we do. By combining our skill, knowledge and expertise with the great produce that we course, it’s a winning combination to take us right to the top! Claiming the title for the best Hog Roasters in Burnley!

Green Flag Awards – We’ve Got Three!

Lancashire is easy on the eye. From the Ribble Valley cycle paths to the unbeatable sights from the top of our highest mountain, Gragareth, we certainly have a lot attract outdoorsy types who enjoy the scenic route. We also take care of our county’s natural beauty closer to the city centres – that’s why Burnley has been awarded three Green Flag Awards for our parks! Our stunning scenery plays host to many festivals and events throughout the year, including the brass band competition held each summer in Queen’s Park. What better way to keep those feet tapping to the beat of the brass band than with a perfectly cooked hog roast from Hog Roast Burnley.